Drasry Fishing Hooks Set Bait Small Jig Hook for Saltwater Freshwater High Carbon Steel Fish Hooks kit (Black Hook 500Pcs (5 to 14))

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How to choose a suitable hook? Under normal circumstances, small fish hooks can only catch small fish, big fish hooks can catch big fish, but some fish have larger mouths, so you need to use big hooks. Therefore, before selecting the hook, you can refer to the size of the hook to get the hook that is really suitable for you, and reduce the escape of the fish.

We have many types of hooks, different sizes, please check the hooks size on the picture, choose the size set you need to catch the fish you want.

 (Black /Red ) 50Pcs  Jig Hooks:

50pcs 5 Different Sizes fishing fish hooks,including:

Size 2: 10pcs, Size 1: 10pcs, Size 1/0: 10pcs, Size 2/0: 10pcs, Size 3/0: 10pcs.

Plastic Box

Box size (L*W*H): about 5 in x 2.36 in x 0.9 in.

Eagle Hook 75Pcs :

75pcs 5 Different Sizes fishing fish hooks,including:

Size #1: 20pcs, Size #1/0:    20pcs, Size #2/0:    15pcs, Size #3/0:    10pcs, Size #4/0:    10pcs, 

Plastic Box

Hooks Colour: black

(Black / Gold)  Hooks 500pcs (5 to 14) :

Types: small

500pcs 10 Different Sizes fishing fish hooks,including:

Size 5: 60pcs, Size 6: 60pcs, Size 7: 60pcs, Size 8: 60pcs, Size 9: 60pcs, Size 10: 40pcs, Size 11: 40pcs, Size 12: 40pcs, Size 13: 40pcs, Size 14: 40pcs.

1 x Plastic Storage Box

Box size (L*W*H): about 5.12 in x 2.56 in x 0.9 in.

Gold Small Hook 600Pcs (3 to 12) :

Types: small

600pcs 10 Different Sizes fishing fish hooks,including:

Size #3 to #12 60pcs each size

Plastic Box

1 x Plastic Storage Box

Fishing Hooks Are Made Out of High Carbon Steel, with High Strength and Corrosion Resistance. whether fishing in freshwater or saltwater.
The fishing hooks are design with special barb hooks and really sharp,for less mortality rate.
Available in 10 sizes,easy to stow and transport. to suit your multiple fishing applications
Trusted for reliabilty, Quality and field tested. Help Anglers Hook and Hold Onto More Fish.Highest quality angler gear for all types of fisher
They are packaged in a transparent plastic box for keeping the different sizes separated and easy to access.

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