The Legend of Two Pals

At the end of the evening after our road ride, I hopped down off Montana to walk her back home, but not before stopping at this tree in the middle of two cornfields to let her graze awhile. While the sun lit up the fields in a yellowish orange glow, and Tana munched on grass, and we basked in the golden hour and let the wind blow through our manes, dear older brother Chad (who just so happened to be visiting from the South and graciously accompanied us on our ride that night) got down in the grass and started snapping some photos that I just *knew* were going to turn out phenomenal. So, all photo credit goes to him for these shots. He’s obtained quite the knack for photography throughout the years–good thing he has a little sister to learn from. ^_~ Golden hour is prime time for photography, and this spot was an absolutely beautiful little gem hiding in the countryside.
I still can’t get over this shot and spent sooo long attempting to conjure up a suitable title for it.
We could’ve stayed under that tree all evening until the sun went down below the pastel horizon and the Spring Peepers started serenading, the owls hooting, the coyotes yipping somewhere off in the distance…

Time just kinda, stopped.
It was pure magic.

This night was, quite simply, magic. I have it bottled up deep in my memories, and these photographs aid in remembering just how glorious it was. There’s truly nothin’ better than spending such laid-back, treasured time with this beautiful dun mare that saved me, just as I saved her. No worries, no darkness, no monsters to be battled; only light, energy, happiness, hope, love. So much love. And trust. A bond that refuses to be severed by even the most powerful arrows, the sharpest of swords…

It’s times like this when it feels like we’re the only two beings in the world. Pals. ‘Til the end.

This is growing up, the way it should be. I couldn’t possibly imagine life any better.

* * *

Chad compared Montana to Epona–Link’s horse in The Legend of Zelda–and now I can’t stop seeing that, especially with the way her tail is fanned out in the wind. But I also think of a storybook when I look at this photograph, or an old Western movie. Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like I’ve seen a ton of movies, Westerns and other genres alike, that feature a tree out in the middle of nowhere–maybe in a Western it’s the only sign of shade in a desert, or in a fantasy it holds some kind of spiritual value, some sort of glimmer of hope for the characters. This goes for books, too. Plus, I just wrote a short story with one in it.

Is that some sorta iconic image that’s been used in storytelling for years?

* * *

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If you enjoyed this shot, be sure to check out the other ones I’ll be posting that Chad took that evening. And if you wanna read a little about *his* adventures, head on over to his blog and have a look, here:

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