Small 8 inch Acrylic Fry Saver Hangs On Rim Inside Fish Tank or Aquarium Built-in Filter System for Baby Fish or Acclimation – Great for Breeding Fish or Taking Pictures!

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Fry Savers have been important to hobbyists for a long time but there has never really been a great one until now. Our Fry Savers are CNC precision made from high strength ABS plastic and Cell Cast Acrylic for crystal clear visibility. On one side, we have 42 CNC drilled holes to allow water to enter the Fry Saver, but keep the Fry (or baby fish) IN. These holes are 1/16″ in diameter. On the other side, we have a miniature version of our Hydrodynamic Sponge Filter at work, so this does require an air line if you want to use the filter. Water slowly moves in and through the Fry Saver, so the fry have fresh tank water at all times. Water change the tank, water change the Fry. The hanger system is a 3 step system that allows for easy hanging on the frames of glass aquariums. It may work on some acrylic tanks, but that depends on the tank design. Plastic hinges tend to wear out and break over time. These are also great for photographing your fish. It is hard to get a good picture, but with nowhere to run, your fish can be placed in here, stress free, for beautiful pictures. *** DESIGN CHANGE *** As of June 2016, these no longer need the lids if you have glass tops on your aquariums! IF you need a lid, send us a message otherwise it WILL NOT SHIP with a lid.Small Size – 8″ Long, 3.75″ Wide
42 CNC Precision Drilled Holes on One Side for Water Flow
Miniature Hydrodynamic Sponge Filter on the Other, Self Filtering Box
Great for Keeping Babies Safe from Predators or Photographing Active Fish
3 Step Hanger System for Fitment on Any Glass Aquarium and *some* Acrylic Tanks!

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